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Zen Meditative Archery
The Way of The Bow
Shaibata Sensei
         Kyudo, the way of the bow, is an ancient Japanese art. Unlike western archery, kyudo is about the moral, physical and spiritual growth of the practitioner, and less about the accuracy of the arrow. A tranquil martial art, this Japanese meditation is now being practiced around the world.

         Shaibata Sensei is a 20th generation Master Bow Maker to the Emperor of Japan. He is also Just Alan's Teacher in the art of Kyudo.

         Just Alan is the head instructor at the Zenko Kyodojo in Woodstock, New York. Classes, demonstrations and private instruction are available upon request. For details and directions, contact Just Alan.

Zenko Kyodojo         Sensei and Just Alan relaxing in Boulder, Colorado, at the main Dojo, after repairing Yumi's for east coast students.
        While taking a break from teaching Kyudo at the Omega Institue in Rhinebeck, New York, Sensei and Just Alan enjoy the beautiful setting. Just Alan with Shaibata Sensei

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